Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Tubes and Out with the Adenoids!

Happy Belated Birthday, Janet!

Seth's ENT doctor had a cancellation this week for surgery so we were worked in for today. Surgery is never easy and it wasn't necessarily easier this time--it was just that we knew kind of what to expect. They did give Seth a drug before they took him back that made him seem as high as a kite. He just got this big grin on his face and he started laughing at Rob and then he would look at me. Then he lost all agility and was totally dependent on us. The nurse that came and got him said she would put him in the wagon (they use these to take little kids for a ride back to the OR) but she was scared he would topple over. It made an uneasy situation a little lighter--he didn't put up a fuss when he left us. His surgery was successful and the doctor seemed supportive in the decision to remove his adenoids. Seth was a mad somebody when he woke up and found that IV in his arm. He didn't want anything sticking in him like that. He tried to rip it out several times and would get even madder when we held his hand away. He really started to wake up on the way home, requesting "Hot Potato" pointing out all the American flags. It was an emotionally and physically tiring day that I hope will pay off in the future.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Round Two

I should have known something was up with the first ear infection. A couple of weeks after that one went away, the cough came. The doctor said it was the croup and then he checked his ears. The tube in Seth's right ear had moved and was no longer doing its job of draining the ear properly--hence two ear infections in a month and a half. So, here we go back to the ENT. For the second round of tubes, your adenoids come out as well. We have been reassured by our pediatrician that this also will take care of ear infections. Well, why didn't they go ahead and take their adenoids out when they put the first tubes in? Geez. His surgery is scheduled for the middle of April. I know I should not complain one bit--and I don't mind as long as it is helping his health.

Seth recently started singing. He loves to sing, "Wheels on the Bus," "Itsy Bitsy Spider," and "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." He sings along with the Wiggles and Elmo as well. This has happened within the last two weeks. It is just so amazing how these skills evolve. He is also saying his ABCs and counting to 20 all the time. We can put him down for his nap and he is in there, "A.....B......C.....D....EFG..." It is a hoot.