Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can't Believe IAMSOCLOSE!

Bassinet assembled and ready.....check!

Swing assembled and ready.....check!

Bouncer ready......check!

Burp cloths and blankets washed and ready....check!

We are definitely becoming 'more ready' for baby girl around here.  And we should be, because it is almost time....in fact, it could be ANY TIME!  I was a little nervous this past weekend, when we had the Supermoon.  Rob and Seth went to Washington on Saturday to work on a shelving unit for Seth's room, and I was feeling nervous because of the Supermoon and the fact that they were 30 minutes away.  I had a lot of movement and pressure on Saturday, but she decided to stay put.  I pulled out my pregnancy journal (that I wrote in quite frequently when I was pregnant with Seth--this time not so much) and saw that there was also a full moon around the time I was 38 weeks with him.  After reading that, I figured she would stay put and I was correct.  I do think I am experiencing more pressure and movement than I did with Seth at this time.  I think the idea of her coming quicker and earlier this time is a strong possibility, but it's just as strong a possibility for her to stay put until our C-Section date.    I have reached the point where I am uncomfortable--I can only sit on a barstool or a straightback chair.  I can sit in a recliner with my feet propped up, but it takes ALOT of effort to get out of the recliner. 

Her room is coming together slowly but surely.  While I was home on Saturday, I completed cleaning out her closet, boxed up some stuff, and got most of the stuff off of the desk that will be moved out to make room for the crib.  I also washed her crib bedding, so when it is time to set up the crib, her bedding is ready.  I still have to go through some baby clothes, and bless her heart, she is set.  I have 4 boxes of newborn-3 months clothes from my sister and a friend at church.  Needless to say, she has a good start on clothes.

And so we wait for her arrival....when do you think she will make her appearance?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Pregnant Woman, Not to Be Confused With Happy Family at Chinese Restaurants

Being happy when you are pregnant is a challenge in itself.  I have been fortunate to have had 2 good pregnancies without significant complications.  I have experienced some bumps in the road such as leg cramps, sciatica, stretch marks, to name a few.   I have tried to maintain a positive outlook through both of the pregnancies regardless of the comments uncouth, unmannered people make.  Ahem, see below....

Co-Worker #1--"Wow, your roots are really dark!"

I do color my hair.  I don't try to hide it.  I get highlights done every 5 weeks or so.  As part of my prenatal care, I take prenatal vitamins, which accelerate the growth of my hair and my nails, so it does not take long for my roots to get dark.  Now, this is not something you want to point out to a pregnant woman.  I know that my roots are dark, I don't need to be told.  I guess some folks don't have anything better to say than the obvious.

Co-Worker #2--"You have really popped out there!'"

I do have another human growing inside of me.  With this current pregnancy, I lost 15 lbs. before I got pregnant in an effort to keep my weight gain down.  Seth was a large baby--10 lbs. 6 oz. and I wanted to try and avoid a 10 pounder this time.  I really did not start showing alot until January.  I do have to say that my stomach has grown quite much in the last 6-8 weeks, and I realize that.  I do not have to be told, but obviously some folks believe I need to be reminded.  

My Mama--"Do you think you will get as big as you were with Seth?"
Me--"I hope it doesn't happen."
My Daddy--"You are not far away!"

Yes, my own Daddy.  I am smiling all through this because I aim to be a happy pregnant woman, not one who wears her emotions or hormones on her sleeve.  Not one who keeps a chip on her shoulder and uses a pregnancy as a crutch or an excuse to be ill or unhappy.  Not one to snap someone's head off just because they do not tell me I am glowing.

Seth--"Wow mommy, your belly is really big.   How many more days until the baby comes out?"

Sooner than later buddy, sooner than later.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

35 Weeks....

This pregnancy has gone so fast this time.  I sent Rob an email this week and told him that we were starting to 'hatch' at school.  I say that because last week there were 6 teachers at our school who were pregnant.  One had her baby on Tuesday and she was due March 10.  Mrs. G. is due on March 6, I am scheduled on March 31 (my actual due date was April 3), we have another teacher due the first week in May, and one due in June, and one in August.  Mrs. C. started off this fertile period in October when she had her baby.  Needless to say, this school year has been most interesting with all these co-workers being able to go through pregnancy together.  It has been eye opening watching the "first-timers" go through it along with me.  Sometimes they have come to ask me questions about their experiences and it is great to be able to commiserate and rejoice with one another. 

This baby girl has gotten bigger and stronger in recent weeks.  Last night, I tried laying on my right side for a while and she did NOT like it at all.  She kicked and rolled across my belly several times, so I moved to make her happy, because I was starting to feel like a dirty rug that was being beat.  I have started to have some aching in my pelvic area when I sit for long periods as well as some pressure.  She is pushing on the internal wall of my stomach ALOT and causing me to have some significant Braxton Hicks contractions.

We got a new carseat and stroller this past weekend.  My friends at church also threw me a "sprinkle."  I wouldn't let them call it a shower, because I didn't feel I needed that much.  Apparently several church members thought differently and blessed us with a lot of pink stuff!

We are looking forward to doing more baby stuff this weekend.  The bassinet and the swing are coming down from the attic and we are going to be working on cleaning off the desk in the front bedroom so that we can get the crib down.  Now if I can only get this laundry pile to shrink....yeah, right!