Monday, July 25, 2011

Our First Baby....

Not to be outdone, I discovered this one day in May....

Yes, that is Doodle, our first cat in Hannah's playpen....

Hannah's 2nd Month

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hannah's First Month

April 16, 2011--Tornadoes in ENC

On Saturday, April 16, my family huddled in our bedroom closet because of the tornado threat. Little did we know so much destruction was happening such a short distance away.

Aerial view of where I work (Greene County Middle School)

End of one of the halls--the doors were sucked off!

Our gym

Closer picture of the gym

Front of the school--this was a courtyard with a bell tower and the marquee...the bell tower is no longer there.  Those long things laying on top of the building are our flag poles, they were bent at the bottom.

Our cafeteria

Our bus lot--many windows were blown out of the buses.

Propane tanks blown around in the back of the school

One of our hallways

Melissa Boyd's classroom (6th grade teacher)

Entrance to our school--the front doors were sucked off!

6th Grade Hall

GCMS Media Center--many of the books remained on the shelves and the carts!  AMAZING!

I wanted more tables and chairs....just NOT this way!

Another view of the media center

Being on maternity leave during this time was a blessing and a curse.  I felt very disconnected from my GCMS family, not being able to be there to help.  Luckily many things were able to be salvaged and we only lost a small percentage of books from the media center. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

At Home with Hannah

Being at home with Hannah is very interesting.  Having an older child definitely has its benefits in that your expectations are very realistic this time around.  You know she is going to have a hungry cry, a sleepy cry, a my diaper is wet cry....Breastfeeding this time around has been a better experience as well, and again I resort back to knowing what to expect from having the first one.  The second baby might not get all the new stuff, but I feel she is definitely in a more comfortable parenting environment.

Sporting her flower hairband

Meeting Mumsie--Hannah's great grandmother

Relaxing with Aunt Lesley

After bath

Entertained by big brother


The first few weeks at home were an adjustment, for sure....and I will say that I was terribly overwhelmed....I had a hard time wrapping my mind around how everything around the house was going to get done with two kids!  Between being tired and knowing how much had to be done, I had to re-prioritize a lot of things...