Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dadgolian Mommy!

We have a restaurant in Greenville called Mongolian Empire. You go through a raw veggie buffet, select freeze-dried meat, and add sauces to the mixture. A griller then grills your selection up for you to enjoy on a bed of rice. This is one of Rob's favorite restaurants. He does not like Chinese food because he can't see it being prepared in front of him and and insists that I am eating kitty cat whenever I say I had Chinese food at my meal. He can see this food being cooked in front of him though so he loves Mongolian Empire.

Yesterday, we asked Seth if he would like to go to Mongolian. He usually has egg drop soup and has some of my lo mein noodles (he asks for the spaghetti). He replied to us, "I want to go to Dadgolian mommy, not MOMgolian. I want to go to Dadgolian." Crazy kid.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Summer Job--Ebay

With the budget shortfall that is bestowed upon EVERYONE, I, like many educators who usually enjoy the summer months, have taken it upon myself to get a summer job.

I have always spent my summers in recent years selling things on ebay for myself and for my sister. But I am stepping up this summer. I have already gone to Goodwill and bought things to sell on ebay--brand name stuff, stuff new with tags--all these things do well on ebay. I sold this Kim Rogers skort new with tags for 10.50 on ebay. If it had been my size, I would have kept it, because it was cute!

I plan on visiting Goodwill at least once a week to seek out items that will bring in a little green on ebay.

See this purse?

It is by The Sak and I got it at a yard sale last fall for $2.00. It did not have a tag on it, but the little plastic string that holds the tag was still on it, so I knew it had not been used. I was planning on using the purse, but it was just not big enough for me, so I listed it on ebay. It sold for $17.50. Needless to say, I will be visiting some yard sales this summer looking for some items to list on ebay.

Do you have a summer job?

Summer Vacay!

I know I have not updated in a while, but the end of school has been consuming me. I have never tested so many children in my life, and every time I tried to return my administrators manual, my AP said, "Keep it, I have makeups." Ughhh! I realize my job is no more important than anyone elses, but it is the most stressful at the beginning of school and at the end of school. I was so scared that I would NOT get everything done and finished by this past Friday. And I didn't. But...I got to a stopping point that I was comfortable with. Long awaited...couldn't come soon enough...summer break is here! Woo Hoo!