Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Summer Job--Ebay

With the budget shortfall that is bestowed upon EVERYONE, I, like many educators who usually enjoy the summer months, have taken it upon myself to get a summer job.

I have always spent my summers in recent years selling things on ebay for myself and for my sister. But I am stepping up this summer. I have already gone to Goodwill and bought things to sell on ebay--brand name stuff, stuff new with tags--all these things do well on ebay. I sold this Kim Rogers skort new with tags for 10.50 on ebay. If it had been my size, I would have kept it, because it was cute!

I plan on visiting Goodwill at least once a week to seek out items that will bring in a little green on ebay.

See this purse?

It is by The Sak and I got it at a yard sale last fall for $2.00. It did not have a tag on it, but the little plastic string that holds the tag was still on it, so I knew it had not been used. I was planning on using the purse, but it was just not big enough for me, so I listed it on ebay. It sold for $17.50. Needless to say, I will be visiting some yard sales this summer looking for some items to list on ebay.

Do you have a summer job?

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AnneConover said...

My best goodwill/ebay story is a Jos.A.Bank tie that looked brand new, bought for $2.00 I think, sold for $25 :) Your post made me want to go to goodwill - haven't been in a while.