Monday, December 24, 2007


Congratulations Matt & Patrice on your news of a boy! Get the Geritol ready! Just kidding!

I can actually say I am ready for Christmas. All of our gifts are bought and wrapped. I don't have to go get mixed up in the hustle and bustle of today thank goodness. I am actually catching up on some laundry. I learned from my mom a few Christmases ago that I am not supposed to wash sheets between December 25 and old Christmas (January 6 0r 7)--actually 12 days after December 25. I have heard of people celebrating old Christmas, but we have never 'celebrated' it or acknowledged it in my family. So why can't I wash sheets when I want? Well we are just not supposed to. Being the librarian I am, I decided to research this on the Internet. I did find that it is bad luck to wash sheets between Christmases, and one should not do laundry on Christmas day because it is a Holy Day. I am not planning to do laundry on Christmas Day, and I hope I can hold out on washing sheets until old Christmas, since someone said it was bad luck! Rob thinks I am a looney but what else is new? Please feel free to share any Christmas superstitions that your family remembers.

On a happy note, CONGRATULATIONS to the ECU Pirates for pulling a win out against Boise State last night in Hawaii. ECU was the underdog and the commentators talked about Boise State and how great they were during the whole first quarter. During the 2nd quarter, the commentators talked about how great Hawaii was--there was not a lot of talk about how great EASTERN Carolina was playing. Geez, what will it take to get my school on the map? Congrats to them--it was truly a great Christmas gift!

We wish everyone a wonderful Christmas holiday. We love you all and hope to see you soon. Merry Christmas from Rob, Leigh, & Seth.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's "Potty" Time!

Christmas is coming and we are getting excited! Seth actually sat with Santa this year instead of crying and running away. He shared with Santa that he wanted anything Elmo and a buuuulldozer. We have been very fortunate in that Seth has not pulled the Christmas tree down--YET. The pressure has been on this year since our families are celebrating Christmas early because of scheduling issues. I have been used to having a few days out of school to do last minute things, but this year, I don't have that luxury. Good thing I started shopping early.

Seth has given us a gift this year--he has used the potty four times in the past two weeks. We have had the potty out since he was about 18 months old, and have been putting him on it each night before his bath. He has used it 3 times at home and once at daycare. They even called me from daycare to report his progress! Although we don't consider this mastery yet, we know it is a start and he has an interest. Diapers are presently still our friends although pullups aren't far away.
I know I am being repetitive when I say this, but I aim to blog more during the holidays when I have a few minutes. I see this being my New Year's Resolution as well.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


We had Seth's birthday party on Saturday, November 24. We had a small party--just for family . We were so glad to be able to have Uncle Brian, Aunt Jacque, and cousin Margaret there from South Carolina. Seth had a fun time with Carson, Caitlyn, and Aunt Lesley too. Seth maximized his time with Papa Gene, Mama Jane, Papa Paul, and Grammy. He enjoyed Mumsie's company as well. Seth enjoyed playing with the tissue paper in his presents much more than unwrapping them although he seemed to have a better idea about getting into his gifts this year. We also discovered that we could have bought him just balloons and he would have been content. Happy Birthday, Seth--the past two years have flown! I will try and post birthday pictures on Flickr soon!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Life just gets so busy and I don't have time to blog like I want to. November and December are tremendously busy months for us with our anniversary (9 years!), Thanksgiving, Seth's birthday, and Christmas festivities. I know I always say this, but I will try and be better about putting stuff up here. I am sure by the next entry, I will have some good birthday pictures of Seth. We are thankful for so much. Happy Thanksgiving to all of our family and friends!

Turkey Image courtesy of:

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is becoming like other holidays in that it becomes spread out over several days. This past Sunday night, our church held its annual "Trunk or Treat" where members decorate their cars and give out candy to kids. We decorated the Highlander like a pirate ship, since Seth was a pirate for Halloween. We had our candy in a "treasure chest" and we had skull and cross bone car flags on the windows. Seth walked around carrying a car flag and his "feathersword" saying "Argh!" Rob and I wore our "Arrrggghhh!!" T-shirts and purple and gold bandanas. On Halloween night, we took Seth trick or treating and he seems to have the hang of collecting goodies in his pumpkin. He did think that part of the trick or treating meant going into other people's houses, since we went in at the Thorns' and the Jetts'. Our neighborhood was full of costumed revelers this year--we had great weather for it as well. Happy Halloween and enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fall Allergy Season and Flu Shots


Fall allergy season is upon us, and what can we say, except to break out the inhaler! Yes, I have made the seasonal trip to the pharmacy to purchase my in-between-season staples, Claritin, Advil Cold and Sinus, and Tylenol Nighttime Sinus. We have also obtained new containers of Albuterol and Clarinex for Seth. It seems his "aggravated airway" has already been aggravated this year. It started with a runny nose and has now developed into a cough. I have gone from not knowing a lot about a child with asthma to actually knowing alot. Seth has not actually been diagnosed, but we continue to take preventative measures with his condition.

Seth and I both got flu shots today. Rob got his last week. I am fortunate in that our school system offers them free to employees. Unfortunately for Seth, he and I had to go and stand in line at the pediatric flu clinic. This is not fun for an almost 2 year old who weighs in excess of 30 pounds. We had to wait in a line of about 50-75 people (inlcuding other toddlers and school age kids) for about 30 minutes. I realize that this is not a terrible amount of time to wait, but it feels like 3 hours when you have a toddler. Seth does not like to hold our hands--we continue to work on that--so I had to hold him most of the time. Needless to say, I will probably not be able to move my arms tomorrow considering I got the flu shot and I had to hold him for so long. In the end, Seth was a trooper and hardly cried when he got the shot. He wouldn't have anything to do with the band-aid either. Hopefully our measures to keep us from getting sick will prove successful.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

In Loving Memory of Lacey

Upon returning from being out of town this weekend, I received notification that Lacey Jones passed away Saturday, October 13 around 6:30 a.m. Our school held "Love for Lacey" week last week, when we raised money for her family through hat day, ribbon day, lollipops for Lacey day, and a weeklong penny war. It will be a tough day tomorrow at school. Our sixth graders have been with Lacey since Kindergarten. I am sorry that I never got to know Lacey--to hear people speak of her let me know she was a good person. She cared for others despite the fact she was sick. Rest in peace, Lacey--you are no longer a sick little girl.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Eye Update

I had another eye appointment today. After three weeks, my left eye has improved from 20/40 to 20/25. My right eye is still 20/20. Before my surgery, my right eye was 20/250 and my left eye was 20/counting fingers (meaning I could not see beyond my fingers). Needless to say, I am very pleased with the healing thus far and the doctor seems to think I will continue to improve. It is still very weird to wake up in the morning and not reach for my glasses--sometimes I still do out of habit! I have to return to the doctor in three weeks for another check.

I want to ask a favor of anyone who reads this blog. Please pray for Lacey Jones. Lacey is a 6th grader at my school. She has not been to school this year because she has been so sick with cancer. She has been stricken with cancer for a while, and has been through some really tough times during the past year and a half. Recently, her brain tumor reemerged and her doctors at Duke stopped her chemo. They don't paint a pretty picture for her future. She is confined to a wheel chair, does not have very much use of her arms, and is scared to go to sleep at night because she is scared she won't wake up. Please pray for this little girl. Some relatives have done a website for her, you can read her story here:

Monday, October 8, 2007

Pirate Nation

Seth is really big into pirates and Sesame Street's the Count. He greets us in the morning with "Argh!" and "Ah, Ah, Ah!" We went out to eat at Outback last week and Rob and I were struggling with Seth--picking up crayons off the floor, trying to appease him so he doesn't cry and make us have to leave the establishment. Terry Holland, ECU's athletic director, and former University of Virginia's basketball coach walks in with his wife and another couple. Of course, they have to step over Seth's crayons that he has thrown on the floor for the fifteenth time. Coach Holland gets up to go to the restroom and stops at our table, saying, "You've got yourself a little pirate there, huh?" Rob seizes this opportunity to show Seth off. He says, "Actually, Coach, Seth, what does the pirate say?" We fully expected Seth to clam up and play shy, but he lets out this very loud "Argh!!!!" and the whole side of the restaurant just starts laughing. Coach Holland says, "Hey, you are raising him right!"

Friday, September 21, 2007

Eye Update

I went to the eye doctor yesterday and my vision is continuing to improve. In fact, I am 20/20 in my right eye WOO HOO! and 20/40 in my left eye. Because I am such a slow healer, the doctor wants to give my left eye ample time to continue healing, so I don't have another appointment for three weeks. He did say that there was the possibility that the laser did more than it was supposed to on my left eye (meaning it overcorrected). I have never been farsighted in my life! They also measured the thickness of my corneas to see if any swelling was keeping them from healing. I didn't get those results yesterday--I guess I will hear from them when I go back. The doctor did say there was a chance that my left eye could come around. The farsightedness had improved from my last visit. That is about all for now on my eyes--I continue to treat them with kid gloves.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Welcome Fall!!

Let me first begin by apologizing for not posting recently. School and family have been keeping me kind of busy.

Secondly, let me express my disappointment in Evil Dick winning Big Brother 8. Shame on America for letting this mean spirited person win that game. Strategy my foot! He is mean down to the core. This was a good example of evil prevailing over good in society. It is just not right!

My eyes are healing. My right eye is seeing wonderfully, even though it was not completely healed last week. I still have a blood spot in it, so I get a lot of second glances. My left eye still has some farsightedness in it, making it difficult for me to see small print. It was really a challenge for me last night at Cracker Barrel to read the menu. I go back to the doctor tomorrow and I will be interested to see what he is going to say. I have gotten to be a pro at putting drops in my eyes. I do not regret this surgery. I am able to see without any glasses or contacts and that is surely a weight off my back. I just pray for clarity to come. I appreciate everyone's concerns and prayers.

Papa Gene, Seth, and I visited a pumpkin patch on Highway 43 yesterday. Seth had a lot of fun looking at the wood cutouts and the spiders, boos, and bats hanging from the trees. He picked out a pumpkin too!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Doctor's Visit

Well, I am 6 days post op and according to the surgeon, I can see 20/30 with both eyes. I know I can read off of a chart but I still find that hard to believe. It is tough for me to sit here and look at this as I type it. My outer eye layer has not completely healed, but it is certainly on its way and he said it looked a lot better today. He actually washed my eyes off today which was great considering I had a weeks worth of sleep, eye drops, and gunk all over them. Sandra even asked me today if my eyelashes were that blonde. Sheesh. I am trying to be more optimistic, but it can be tough sometimes. I am ready to see perfect but I will have to be content to wait for the healing. I need to be grateful to be able to see this well without glasses or contacts--I keep feeling I need to go take my contacts out! Thank God for rewetting drops--they make my eyes feel so much better. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers through this--I have certainly felt and appreciated them all.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Eye Surgery Update

I feel like I am still in a fog-Rob is doing this entry because it is still hard for me to focus on the computer screen.

Day of Surgery

On Wednesday, August 29, I had LASIK surgery. The surgery was not a walk in the park nor did I think it would be. But, even with two Valium I knew what was going on. The worst parts of the surgery were the thing they use to pry your eye open so you don't blink, the pressure in your eye and the sound of the laser on your eye (it sounds like a machine gun). My mom and Rob got to watch the surgery through a glass--they saw my eye magnified on a screen and what was being done to it.

Upon discharge, I was given a percocet and some Nicole Richie sunglasses. I never had any pain with this surgery. I had to wear the sunglasses until my followup appointment the next day. I also have three sets of drops to take four times a day and one drop every hour that I am awake. I slept a while that first day. My eyes were very matted together.

The Day After

I had heard of several people having this surgery and waking the next morning being able to see perfectly. As much as I wanted to be able to see my alarm clock Thursday morning, it didn't happen. I could see better than I could without my glasses, but it was nowhere near 20/20. I began to question my decision about this surgery but I didn't worry too much yet.

At my followup appointment, a girl was in the waiting room who had also had LASIK the day before. I asked her how her vision was and she said "perfect." After that conversation, I started to worry A LOT. The nurse called me back to the room and began to screen my eyes and I couldn't read hardly anything. She went out and I told my mom, "This does not look good."

When the doctor came in, he examined my eyes and said my flaps looked great and they were the biggest concern. He said the reason I was not able to see immediately was because I had a genetic defect in the outer layers of my eyes. The outside layer is the layer that has to be scraped away before the corneal cut is made. My outer layer is very thin and would ordinarily regenerate quickly after surgery. Mine is regenerating slowly, delaying my ability to see clearly. My doctor assured me that I would see clearer by the weekend, and scheduled me an appointment for Tuesday.


I planned on going to school today, but I can't see to drive, I can't look at the computer and I can't read fine print. I am able to read captions off of the television though and colors appear more vivid. I do have some blood in my right eye, which makes my vision cloudy. My vision has improved significantly--I can't believe I am seeing this well without glasses or contacts.


I am very impatient and am so ready to be able to read a book and get back on a computer, but I know it will strain my eyes. I cannot touch my eyes, so I have three days worth of sleep in my eyes. I think the drops have helped wash some of that away. My eyes are very tired, but my vision is getting better each day. Today I am able to read small print for small intervals. I am planning to be back at school on Tuesday even if I have to have a chauffeur.

Thank you to everyone for their well wishes and prayers. They were felt and helped me to get through the surgery and the recovery. I will keep you posted.

Monday, August 27, 2007

What a Difference a Year Makes!

We have come a very long way. Here is a picture of Seth with Rob on the very first day of daycare last August. Here is also a picture of Seth with me this morning getting ready to go to his first day of toddler class. The reason he looks unhappy is because we have taken his pacifier and he is trying to watch the Wiggles as we take the picture. He is growing up way too fast!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Last Week As a Four Eyes (For a While)

Wow...the countdown is on. In less than a week, I hope to be glassesless (is that a word?) and contact lensless. I am getting a little nervous. I have had surgery before, but not when I have my eyes open and can see what is going on. Oh well, the C-Section but I couldn't see what they were doing! I am excited to be able to see without the dependency of my glasses. It will probably be tough for a few days though because I have worn glasses since I was about 10 years old! It will be different being able to put on makeup and actually see what I am doing without the magnification mirror. I will be able to swim at the beach and actually see where our beach cottage is! I won't have to worry about getting water in my eyes like I do with contacts. I am looking so forward to being able to see with my renewed eyes!

Monday, August 20, 2007


Happy Birthday, Daddy!

We love you very much!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Back to School :-(

In three more days my summer vacation will be over. CRY! BOO! HISS! I have enjoyed my vacation immensely this year. I feel that I have been most productive...okay not as productive as I could have been. Actually, I have been easing myself back into school since the middle of July. I have been attending some workshops and meetings that are leading up to the start of school. Getting up early will not be the difficult part for me--I have done that all summer long to get Seth off to school or to go to my mom's. Going to bed early will be the hardest, especially since I think the longer you stay up the slower the morning comes. SIGH...time just goes so fast when you are having fun.

Speaking of having fun, Seth used the potty last night. We have started sitting him on it before he gets in the tub, since he usually pees in the tub shortly after he is placed there. Last night, he did it in the potty. There was much rejoicing! I realize he probably won't do it again anytime soon, but this is a start! Oh my, the things we get excited about!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Tunnel Vision

Seth has taken a new interest in hide and seek so we decided to look into getting a tunnel for him. We ended up getting a tunnel and a tent so that he can hide out. Needless to say he loves it. He takes his race cars and zips them through the tunnel. He has built a few houses with his blocks in the tent. Of course, this contraption has taken over our den and I am again reminded how small our house is. Rob says he feels like the pack 'n' play is back in our den. Of course this is bigger than the pack 'n' play. Luckily, it packs up easily and can be put in the other room quickly if company comes or if a time out is needed.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fun Random Picture

I stole this title from a friend of mine but she has a lot of fun with it on her blog. This is the famous bathtub picture that everyone takes of their child when his/her hair gets really long. We took this back in June before Seth had his summer hair cut. His hair is about this long again! I can't wait to drag this picture out at prom time. At least he is feeling better. :-)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Eye Surgery Update

Some of you have been asking about my lasik eye surgery. I had another appointment this past week to see my eye doctor. He took more pictures of my eyes and seemed satisfied enough to go ahead and refer me to the lasik surgeon. I have an appointment on August 14. I have been out of my contacts since May 25. So much for getting this done before school starts! If you have an astigmatism and you plan on getting this surgery done, plan on being out of your contacts for at least a month. Contacts wearers with regular prescriptions only have to be out of their contacts for 2 weeks. Oh well, I hope that my patience pays off.

Sick Day

Congratulations Nathan and Katie! Welcome to the world, Rory!

Seth has been sick today. He has a stomach bug that started on Wednesday. I hope that it concluded today. It's no fun when your child is hungry but his stomach can't handle what he wants to eat. He does not have a taste for liquid Pedialyte, but luckily he loves icy pops! He is so funny because he will be as busy as a bee--you wouldn't know he was sick--and then he will stop and want his cuddle time with Mommy. I know it sounds crass, but I wish I could have more cuddle time--not just when he is sick! I am reading a book called, See How They Run: An Energizing Guide to Keeping Up With Your Turbo-Toddler and I just read a section where the author writes about toddlers having their own agendas. We couldn't go see our friends who just had a baby because Seth has been sick! I know it's not his fault--I just thought that it was ironic considering I am on that chapter in the book! The book is really good by the way--the chapters are broken up into two month intervals beginning with 13 months. Seth will be 20 months old tomorrow! Time is surely moving on.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekend Fun

Congratulations to Jose' and Kelly!

Harry Potter mania hit home as it did around the world this past weekend. Before going to the grocery store (that's what old married folk do on Friday nights) , we rode by the Barnes and Noble. I could not look like I wanted to because I was driving; but I did see a line of people clear to Circuit City. I saw adults dressed up like professors at Hogwarts and I saw serveral wizard wannabes. Rob wanted to stand in line with them but I think a yearning of sleep won that battle. It is truly amazing to me how the whole Harry Potter series has grasped children and adults like it has. I have only made it through the first three books and halfway through HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE. I have seen the movies though and the latest one is great. I had many questions but Rob said, "You will have to read." I pester him though because who knows when I will have time to make a committment to a 700+ page book again? Harry has been a mainstay in my career so far as a librarian. J.K. Rowling's first book came out my first year in the profession. I read the first book to discover its appeal and to develop my own persona of the characters before I saw the movie. My kids love the books and I know that upon my return in August, I will get asked, "Do you have the new Harry Potter book?" It will be a hot commodity in the media center and I am sure it will be on hold for most of the year considering its length. Rob is currently on page 410. It will be interesting to find out what fate holds for Harry and his friends. Katie, I still think Hermione is an excellent name choice!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

How Does He Know?

So we journeyed to Raleigh this week to visit Rob's college roommate Bill and his family. Rob also had a meeting in Raleigh as well. We stopped at Crabtree before going to Bill's and happened upon the play area as you can see. Seth headed straight for the school bus and jumped right in. He started spinning the steering wheels and mashing the buttons. Rob stood by while I took pictures. All of a sudden, Seth looks at us and starts to go, "Uh, uh, uh...." and mashes buttons. How does he know that it is supposed to do something than just sit there? This is the first time that we have seen him on any kind of ride like this. Unfortunately for us (and Seth) this school bus quarter insert was jammed and it was not operational. Also, unfortunately for me and Rob, Seth did not want to ride anything else in the mall but this school bus. Needless to say, we had mall meltdown with a toddler for about 10 minutes after leaving the play area. Live and learn! We did have a great time with Bill and his family and look forward to seeing them again soon!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee

Seth got stung by a bumblebee yesterday at daycare. His teacher said that she went to shoo it away and he had picked it up before she could get to it. She said that he cried for about five minutes and then he was over it. I am just glad he didn't have an allergic reaction because he has not been stung by anything before. I guess he wanted to "bring home a baby bumblebee." His hand and his arm have been swollen a little the past two days but otherwise I think he is doing okay.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


We hope everyone had a restful, safe, and enjoyable 4th of July!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Waiting Game and Teething

I went back to the eye doctor today for my second consultation pre-LASIK surgery. My cornea steepening is improving, but they are still not where they need to be. So, it will be at least 4 more weeks before I can get a surgery date. My left eye is looking great, but my right eye is taking a while to conform back to its natural state. We are having to undo 20 years of contact lens wear! I wanted to get my surgery done before returning to school, but that might not happen. At the same time, I want it to be RIGHT, so I am willing to wait as long as it takes.

Three of Seth's eye teeth are breaking through. He is a slobber machine! Yesterday was really tough--I had to go get him from daycare because he was screaming a lot and could only be soothed by being held. I got him home, and he didn't want to be held. Today was a better day and he is not drooling as much.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Blog Wish and Beach Trip 2007

This is my first attempt at this after viewing several friends' blogs. I thought it would be easier to connect with people this way than the MSN page. So, I guess my wish is that I stay committed to posting up here. Hopefully this will be easier than the MSN page. The picture that is posted on our blog is from our recent annual beach trip to Emerald Isle. Seth took to the water like a turtle and my daddy actually said he was related to a turtle the way he headed towards the ocean, which he called "muck-muck." Papa said that it was Hawaiian for "big water." Seth called the seagulls ducks. He even quacked at them when we were feeding them. This trip was really interesting in that Rob and I were able to view things through Seth's eyes. I guess that is how it is when you have a child-- you actually get to relive some things through them. We could just observe the wheels turning in his head when he discovered something new, like the sand castle washing away, the water retreating, or a seagull diving for a morsel of food. We had a wonderful time and look forward to many years of memories at the beach!