Saturday, September 1, 2007

Eye Surgery Update

I feel like I am still in a fog-Rob is doing this entry because it is still hard for me to focus on the computer screen.

Day of Surgery

On Wednesday, August 29, I had LASIK surgery. The surgery was not a walk in the park nor did I think it would be. But, even with two Valium I knew what was going on. The worst parts of the surgery were the thing they use to pry your eye open so you don't blink, the pressure in your eye and the sound of the laser on your eye (it sounds like a machine gun). My mom and Rob got to watch the surgery through a glass--they saw my eye magnified on a screen and what was being done to it.

Upon discharge, I was given a percocet and some Nicole Richie sunglasses. I never had any pain with this surgery. I had to wear the sunglasses until my followup appointment the next day. I also have three sets of drops to take four times a day and one drop every hour that I am awake. I slept a while that first day. My eyes were very matted together.

The Day After

I had heard of several people having this surgery and waking the next morning being able to see perfectly. As much as I wanted to be able to see my alarm clock Thursday morning, it didn't happen. I could see better than I could without my glasses, but it was nowhere near 20/20. I began to question my decision about this surgery but I didn't worry too much yet.

At my followup appointment, a girl was in the waiting room who had also had LASIK the day before. I asked her how her vision was and she said "perfect." After that conversation, I started to worry A LOT. The nurse called me back to the room and began to screen my eyes and I couldn't read hardly anything. She went out and I told my mom, "This does not look good."

When the doctor came in, he examined my eyes and said my flaps looked great and they were the biggest concern. He said the reason I was not able to see immediately was because I had a genetic defect in the outer layers of my eyes. The outside layer is the layer that has to be scraped away before the corneal cut is made. My outer layer is very thin and would ordinarily regenerate quickly after surgery. Mine is regenerating slowly, delaying my ability to see clearly. My doctor assured me that I would see clearer by the weekend, and scheduled me an appointment for Tuesday.


I planned on going to school today, but I can't see to drive, I can't look at the computer and I can't read fine print. I am able to read captions off of the television though and colors appear more vivid. I do have some blood in my right eye, which makes my vision cloudy. My vision has improved significantly--I can't believe I am seeing this well without glasses or contacts.


I am very impatient and am so ready to be able to read a book and get back on a computer, but I know it will strain my eyes. I cannot touch my eyes, so I have three days worth of sleep in my eyes. I think the drops have helped wash some of that away. My eyes are very tired, but my vision is getting better each day. Today I am able to read small print for small intervals. I am planning to be back at school on Tuesday even if I have to have a chauffeur.

Thank you to everyone for their well wishes and prayers. They were felt and helped me to get through the surgery and the recovery. I will keep you posted.

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Karen Korzeniewski said...

Leigh, I am so sorry that you have been disappointed with your eye surgery. I have heard sooo many success stories, and I'm sure you were counting on being able to see clearly the next day. It sounds very promising that your vision is getting better every day! I am praying that you will recover soon and that you will NOT regret having the surgery. Please continue to update on your recovery.