Friday, September 21, 2007

Eye Update

I went to the eye doctor yesterday and my vision is continuing to improve. In fact, I am 20/20 in my right eye WOO HOO! and 20/40 in my left eye. Because I am such a slow healer, the doctor wants to give my left eye ample time to continue healing, so I don't have another appointment for three weeks. He did say that there was the possibility that the laser did more than it was supposed to on my left eye (meaning it overcorrected). I have never been farsighted in my life! They also measured the thickness of my corneas to see if any swelling was keeping them from healing. I didn't get those results yesterday--I guess I will hear from them when I go back. The doctor did say there was a chance that my left eye could come around. The farsightedness had improved from my last visit. That is about all for now on my eyes--I continue to treat them with kid gloves.

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askewheels said...

Leigh-Thanks for your post on the blog. We are very excited. I am also glad to have found your blog. Glad that your surgery went well. Seth is a cutie!