Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Doctor's Visit

Well, I am 6 days post op and according to the surgeon, I can see 20/30 with both eyes. I know I can read off of a chart but I still find that hard to believe. It is tough for me to sit here and look at this as I type it. My outer eye layer has not completely healed, but it is certainly on its way and he said it looked a lot better today. He actually washed my eyes off today which was great considering I had a weeks worth of sleep, eye drops, and gunk all over them. Sandra even asked me today if my eyelashes were that blonde. Sheesh. I am trying to be more optimistic, but it can be tough sometimes. I am ready to see perfect but I will have to be content to wait for the healing. I need to be grateful to be able to see this well without glasses or contacts--I keep feeling I need to go take my contacts out! Thank God for rewetting drops--they make my eyes feel so much better. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers through this--I have certainly felt and appreciated them all.

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