Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Welcome Fall!!

Let me first begin by apologizing for not posting recently. School and family have been keeping me kind of busy.

Secondly, let me express my disappointment in Evil Dick winning Big Brother 8. Shame on America for letting this mean spirited person win that game. Strategy my foot! He is mean down to the core. This was a good example of evil prevailing over good in society. It is just not right!

My eyes are healing. My right eye is seeing wonderfully, even though it was not completely healed last week. I still have a blood spot in it, so I get a lot of second glances. My left eye still has some farsightedness in it, making it difficult for me to see small print. It was really a challenge for me last night at Cracker Barrel to read the menu. I go back to the doctor tomorrow and I will be interested to see what he is going to say. I have gotten to be a pro at putting drops in my eyes. I do not regret this surgery. I am able to see without any glasses or contacts and that is surely a weight off my back. I just pray for clarity to come. I appreciate everyone's concerns and prayers.

Papa Gene, Seth, and I visited a pumpkin patch on Highway 43 yesterday. Seth had a lot of fun looking at the wood cutouts and the spiders, boos, and bats hanging from the trees. He picked out a pumpkin too!

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