Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Creature Feature

I was going to toss something in the trash this afternoon and I saw something move around my kitchen windowsill, which sits above the sink. We had a visitor, a little, long, green, slimy visitor.

I shrieked, because to me, lizards, geckos, salamanders, (insert your choice word here) are nothing but snakes with legs. Rob came in there and said, "Aw he's just a gecko, he won't hurt you." Then he proceeded to get Doodle (our cat) so that she could see it. Finally, Rob took the thermometer and took the lizard outside so that it could go about its business.

I figured it came in on a potted mum that I brought in last night to water. Yes, you read that right, that varmint had been in my house since last night. just makes my skin crawl all over!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Be Careful What You Say....(Or Read, For That Matter....)

Some of you may be familiar with the following titles:

These are picture books by David Shannon that are about a mischievous little boy named David (I think they are somewhat autobiographical according to the author).

As of late, we have been reading DAVID GETS IN TROUBLE at bedtime for Seth. Some of the memorable lines in this book are, "It was an accident..." "I didn't mean to..." "It's not my fault...." All of these are said by the main character David when he breaks a window by throwing a baseball, when he has too many snacks in his hand and drops his drink on the carpet, and when he messes up the class picture by making a funny face.

Do you see where this post is going? We have heard many of these responses from Seth lately after we correct his behavior, but some of them certainly have NOT been used in context. Here are some examples:

Throwing his tissue on the floor after blowing his nose (It's not my fault--no baby, it's not your fault that we don't have a trashcan for you to immediately deposit your tissue.)

Hitting his teammate at soccer practice (It was an accident--having some bad reflexes perhaps?)

Not stopping his bicycle at the stop sign to look both ways and accelerating instead (I didn't mean to...sure, honey--you didn't mean to not hear mommy scream her head off to stop because there was a car coming.)

I failed to mention that we also read a Bible story before bed as well and he always wants to hear the one about the snake.