Saturday, January 12, 2008



Good grief! With all of this up and down weather, I stay sick. I have been fighting a sinus infection since the week after Thanksgiving. I am ready for some constant 30-40 degree temperatures as highs during the day. I have all these sweaters that I can't wear because it is 70 degrees here! Now, I am not crazy--I don't mind 70 degree weather, but I do mind when it is 70-80 for 3 days and then it goes down to the 20s. It is wreaking havoc on my sinuses! I do have an appointment with the ENT doctor on Thursday. I pray for some relief.

Poor Seth is sick for the first time this winter with an ear infection. And he has tubes. He has a terrible cough and was put on a steroid earlier in the week. Last night, he was terribly fussy and very clingy, so we knew something was wrong. He kept favoring his left ear and the doctor said there was pus behind his eardrum. So now, he is on an antibiotic for 10 days.

Like I said, we are ready for some seasonal weather around here. I myself am ready for some snow to cleanse the air. Everything seems clean after a snowfall. I think that the temperatures this week will be seasonable, thank goodness.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Wow--where does time go? Wasn't it just yesterday we were bracing for Y2K? My how the world has changed.

Rob asked me today if I had ever felt like I needed to do something but that I wasn't motivated to do it. I said, "Yeah--my whole Christmas vacation. " I had this great list to accomplish while I was out for Christmas and did I get anything done? Not anywhere close what I wanted to do! Seth's baby book was at the top of my list and I have just laid eyes on that pile. I have not felt motivated to do a whole lot during Christmas break. I didn't even get to list anything on ebay! I did try to relax a little--my back has been bothering me some and I feel like I have had a sinus infection since before Christmas--hence my inability to be motivated.

What I did do during Christmas vacation was, spend time with friends and family. This time was very precious and I am grateful that I got to see everyone I did see. We also got our Christmas decorations down and back up into the attic. I finished Celia Rivenbark's book, "Stop Dressing Your Six Year Old Like a Skank." I got to see some movies--Pirates of the Carribean 2 Dead Man's Chest, Facing the Giants (AWESOME), and National Treasure 2.
I am caught up on laundry--except for sheets :-). I guess my list will have to wait until Easter, and then it will be that much longer. Oh well--summer is coming!

Happy New Year everyone! We love you--Rob, Leigh, and Seth