Monday, October 8, 2007

Pirate Nation

Seth is really big into pirates and Sesame Street's the Count. He greets us in the morning with "Argh!" and "Ah, Ah, Ah!" We went out to eat at Outback last week and Rob and I were struggling with Seth--picking up crayons off the floor, trying to appease him so he doesn't cry and make us have to leave the establishment. Terry Holland, ECU's athletic director, and former University of Virginia's basketball coach walks in with his wife and another couple. Of course, they have to step over Seth's crayons that he has thrown on the floor for the fifteenth time. Coach Holland gets up to go to the restroom and stops at our table, saying, "You've got yourself a little pirate there, huh?" Rob seizes this opportunity to show Seth off. He says, "Actually, Coach, Seth, what does the pirate say?" We fully expected Seth to clam up and play shy, but he lets out this very loud "Argh!!!!" and the whole side of the restaurant just starts laughing. Coach Holland says, "Hey, you are raising him right!"

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askewheels said...

Sounds like Seth is getting big! Hope that you guys are doing well!