Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is becoming like other holidays in that it becomes spread out over several days. This past Sunday night, our church held its annual "Trunk or Treat" where members decorate their cars and give out candy to kids. We decorated the Highlander like a pirate ship, since Seth was a pirate for Halloween. We had our candy in a "treasure chest" and we had skull and cross bone car flags on the windows. Seth walked around carrying a car flag and his "feathersword" saying "Argh!" Rob and I wore our "Arrrggghhh!!" T-shirts and purple and gold bandanas. On Halloween night, we took Seth trick or treating and he seems to have the hang of collecting goodies in his pumpkin. He did think that part of the trick or treating meant going into other people's houses, since we went in at the Thorns' and the Jetts'. Our neighborhood was full of costumed revelers this year--we had great weather for it as well. Happy Halloween and enjoy the pictures!

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