Monday, December 24, 2007


Congratulations Matt & Patrice on your news of a boy! Get the Geritol ready! Just kidding!

I can actually say I am ready for Christmas. All of our gifts are bought and wrapped. I don't have to go get mixed up in the hustle and bustle of today thank goodness. I am actually catching up on some laundry. I learned from my mom a few Christmases ago that I am not supposed to wash sheets between December 25 and old Christmas (January 6 0r 7)--actually 12 days after December 25. I have heard of people celebrating old Christmas, but we have never 'celebrated' it or acknowledged it in my family. So why can't I wash sheets when I want? Well we are just not supposed to. Being the librarian I am, I decided to research this on the Internet. I did find that it is bad luck to wash sheets between Christmases, and one should not do laundry on Christmas day because it is a Holy Day. I am not planning to do laundry on Christmas Day, and I hope I can hold out on washing sheets until old Christmas, since someone said it was bad luck! Rob thinks I am a looney but what else is new? Please feel free to share any Christmas superstitions that your family remembers.

On a happy note, CONGRATULATIONS to the ECU Pirates for pulling a win out against Boise State last night in Hawaii. ECU was the underdog and the commentators talked about Boise State and how great they were during the whole first quarter. During the 2nd quarter, the commentators talked about how great Hawaii was--there was not a lot of talk about how great EASTERN Carolina was playing. Geez, what will it take to get my school on the map? Congrats to them--it was truly a great Christmas gift!

We wish everyone a wonderful Christmas holiday. We love you all and hope to see you soon. Merry Christmas from Rob, Leigh, & Seth.

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