Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's "Potty" Time!

Christmas is coming and we are getting excited! Seth actually sat with Santa this year instead of crying and running away. He shared with Santa that he wanted anything Elmo and a buuuulldozer. We have been very fortunate in that Seth has not pulled the Christmas tree down--YET. The pressure has been on this year since our families are celebrating Christmas early because of scheduling issues. I have been used to having a few days out of school to do last minute things, but this year, I don't have that luxury. Good thing I started shopping early.

Seth has given us a gift this year--he has used the potty four times in the past two weeks. We have had the potty out since he was about 18 months old, and have been putting him on it each night before his bath. He has used it 3 times at home and once at daycare. They even called me from daycare to report his progress! Although we don't consider this mastery yet, we know it is a start and he has an interest. Diapers are presently still our friends although pullups aren't far away.
I know I am being repetitive when I say this, but I aim to blog more during the holidays when I have a few minutes. I see this being my New Year's Resolution as well.

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