Friday, July 27, 2007

Sick Day

Congratulations Nathan and Katie! Welcome to the world, Rory!

Seth has been sick today. He has a stomach bug that started on Wednesday. I hope that it concluded today. It's no fun when your child is hungry but his stomach can't handle what he wants to eat. He does not have a taste for liquid Pedialyte, but luckily he loves icy pops! He is so funny because he will be as busy as a bee--you wouldn't know he was sick--and then he will stop and want his cuddle time with Mommy. I know it sounds crass, but I wish I could have more cuddle time--not just when he is sick! I am reading a book called, See How They Run: An Energizing Guide to Keeping Up With Your Turbo-Toddler and I just read a section where the author writes about toddlers having their own agendas. We couldn't go see our friends who just had a baby because Seth has been sick! I know it's not his fault--I just thought that it was ironic considering I am on that chapter in the book! The book is really good by the way--the chapters are broken up into two month intervals beginning with 13 months. Seth will be 20 months old tomorrow! Time is surely moving on.

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Reiko said...

Pedialyte makes their versions of icy pops. Noah will actually eat these. You might give them a try. I hope Seth is feeling better soon. Reiko