Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekend Fun

Congratulations to Jose' and Kelly!

Harry Potter mania hit home as it did around the world this past weekend. Before going to the grocery store (that's what old married folk do on Friday nights) , we rode by the Barnes and Noble. I could not look like I wanted to because I was driving; but I did see a line of people clear to Circuit City. I saw adults dressed up like professors at Hogwarts and I saw serveral wizard wannabes. Rob wanted to stand in line with them but I think a yearning of sleep won that battle. It is truly amazing to me how the whole Harry Potter series has grasped children and adults like it has. I have only made it through the first three books and halfway through HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE. I have seen the movies though and the latest one is great. I had many questions but Rob said, "You will have to read." I pester him though because who knows when I will have time to make a committment to a 700+ page book again? Harry has been a mainstay in my career so far as a librarian. J.K. Rowling's first book came out my first year in the profession. I read the first book to discover its appeal and to develop my own persona of the characters before I saw the movie. My kids love the books and I know that upon my return in August, I will get asked, "Do you have the new Harry Potter book?" It will be a hot commodity in the media center and I am sure it will be on hold for most of the year considering its length. Rob is currently on page 410. It will be interesting to find out what fate holds for Harry and his friends. Katie, I still think Hermione is an excellent name choice!

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