Monday, August 13, 2007

Back to School :-(

In three more days my summer vacation will be over. CRY! BOO! HISS! I have enjoyed my vacation immensely this year. I feel that I have been most productive...okay not as productive as I could have been. Actually, I have been easing myself back into school since the middle of July. I have been attending some workshops and meetings that are leading up to the start of school. Getting up early will not be the difficult part for me--I have done that all summer long to get Seth off to school or to go to my mom's. Going to bed early will be the hardest, especially since I think the longer you stay up the slower the morning comes. SIGH...time just goes so fast when you are having fun.

Speaking of having fun, Seth used the potty last night. We have started sitting him on it before he gets in the tub, since he usually pees in the tub shortly after he is placed there. Last night, he did it in the potty. There was much rejoicing! I realize he probably won't do it again anytime soon, but this is a start! Oh my, the things we get excited about!

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