Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can't Believe IAMSOCLOSE!

Bassinet assembled and ready.....check!

Swing assembled and ready.....check!

Bouncer ready......check!

Burp cloths and blankets washed and ready....check!

We are definitely becoming 'more ready' for baby girl around here.  And we should be, because it is almost time....in fact, it could be ANY TIME!  I was a little nervous this past weekend, when we had the Supermoon.  Rob and Seth went to Washington on Saturday to work on a shelving unit for Seth's room, and I was feeling nervous because of the Supermoon and the fact that they were 30 minutes away.  I had a lot of movement and pressure on Saturday, but she decided to stay put.  I pulled out my pregnancy journal (that I wrote in quite frequently when I was pregnant with Seth--this time not so much) and saw that there was also a full moon around the time I was 38 weeks with him.  After reading that, I figured she would stay put and I was correct.  I do think I am experiencing more pressure and movement than I did with Seth at this time.  I think the idea of her coming quicker and earlier this time is a strong possibility, but it's just as strong a possibility for her to stay put until our C-Section date.    I have reached the point where I am uncomfortable--I can only sit on a barstool or a straightback chair.  I can sit in a recliner with my feet propped up, but it takes ALOT of effort to get out of the recliner. 

Her room is coming together slowly but surely.  While I was home on Saturday, I completed cleaning out her closet, boxed up some stuff, and got most of the stuff off of the desk that will be moved out to make room for the crib.  I also washed her crib bedding, so when it is time to set up the crib, her bedding is ready.  I still have to go through some baby clothes, and bless her heart, she is set.  I have 4 boxes of newborn-3 months clothes from my sister and a friend at church.  Needless to say, she has a good start on clothes.

And so we wait for her arrival....when do you think she will make her appearance?


Katie said...

march 31

Angel said...

Whenever she is ready or you can't wait any longer. That is for every baby. Good luck! We're excited for all of you!!

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good point!