Friday, April 11, 2008

Busy Times

This has been a very busy week for me. Sunday I helped give a baby shower in Washington. Monday, we went out to eat with our Young Adult group. Tuesday was parent-teacher night, Wednesday I helped give another baby shower at school, Thursday I took kids to the Battle of the Books competition in Kinston and Seth had a followup ENT appointment (good report), and today Seth had an asthma reevaluation. No asthma diagnosis--yay! I know that was a huge run on sentence but I feel like a dog with his tongue hanging out after chasing something. Whew! Tomorrow we are heading to the Piratefest since Seth is fascinated with pirates. Hopefully we will have some good pictures to post--I am sure he will have fun saying, "Argggghhh!!" Thanks to everyone who has been thinking about Seth during the past two weeks. His surgery was a success although he spiked a fever and developed a deeper cough 2 days after surgery. We had to go back to the pediatrician for that--he was actually on two high powered antibiotics at one time! Speaking of pediatricians, ours is leaving--he and his family are moving to Winston Salem (where his wife is from) so that they can be closer to her family. There is nothing like having family nearby to help out with your kids, so we can't blame him there. But we will be losing a great doctor who had a special place in his heart for Seth. Maybe you and Matt will run into him, Patrice; or maybe you and Kim will run into him, Leigh. His name is Dr. Rhyne and he looks like Jeff Burton, the race car driver and WoJo who used to play basketball for Duke. He is a great pediatrician and we will miss him dearly!


Katie said...

Go to Eastern Pediatrics!!! I love Dr. Phillips!

Patrice said...
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Patrice said...

Now that I can remember my google account name and password, I can actually comment on your site. You should have seen how many different combinations I had to try before I could even get in to update my own blog. Pregnancy brain stinks!
I'm glad to hear that Seth is doing better. I hope you enjoyed Piratefest. Those should be some good pictures.
Let me know (if you can find out) where your doctor will be practicing in W-S. We are shopping for one. :) How soon is he coming? You guys should plan to come sometime over the summer. Mi casa es tu casa. :) Love you.