Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Goodbye Poppy (Paci) Part 2

I snipped Seth's pacifier tip again yesterday, making it about a quarter of an inch above the handle base. When we gave it to him last night, he didn't say anything--he has been sleeping with it in his hand lately. He has not been putting it in his mouth much except just to chew on it. This morning when he woke up, I went in there and it was on the floor. I picked his "poppy" up and gave it back to him. Seth said, "Poppy is broke, it don't work." I told him, "I know it is broken, but you are a big boy and you don't need it. Don't you want to throw it away?" He said he did. So I lifted him out of his crib and he trotted over to the trash can and dropped it in there. I told him, "Okay, poppy is gone, you are a big boy now." Then I went to get him a treat for being a big boy.

Fast forward to tonight. I got his poppy out of the trashcan this afternoon and boiled it in case we had a weak moment. I am proud to report that we did not cave! He did ask for his poppy before he got into the crib and we reminded him that he threw it away. He said, "No, no, no, my poppy!" I told him again that he was a big boy and that he didn't need a poppy. He was still standing up in his crib and he started crying when we walked out of his room. Crying commenced. I got Rob to go out to the car to get his feathersword(from the Wiggles) because I had read it was helpful to replace a comfort object with something else. I walked in there and got him to lie down and I gave him his feathersword. He was still blubbering, but he did calm down and take his feathersword. I stood over him for a bit with my hand on his chest, shushing him. He eventually went to sleep.

Growing up is hard and I remember feeling this way when we switched him from his bottle to his sippy cup. It is bittersweet because I want him to grow up, but I want to hold on to that baby. I know I will feel like this many more times. We will see how it goes tomorrow night--at least one of my goals for the summer is almost accomplished--no more poppy/paci!

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