Friday, January 30, 2009

Once Bitten, Twice Shy!

Biting. It is something that will happen to your child when you put them in daycare. The first time it happened to Seth, he was in the infant room. He got bitten by a child in the toddler class and we had to sign paperwork saying we were told he was bitten. Of course they cannot say who did the biting. Fast forward to Seth being in the toddler class. I remember a span of time where he was bitten 3 times in 10 days time. Rob and I were livid. I went in and talked to the director and I told her that obviously there were some supervision issues. Of course, she took offense to that and spoke highly of her staff. I in turn told her that my child was no chew toy and to just remember this was a learned behavior on behalf of the daycare. I just prayed that my child would not bite other children as a retaliation. He did bite someone in his class that year, and we talked about it and he said he would not do it anymore. "NO BITING." Seth is now in the Preschool I class and a couple of weeks ago we were undressing him for bath and we saw a bite mark on his arm. (After many experiences with bites, you learn how they look.) We had not signed any paperwork that day nor had we been told he had been bitten. Seth knew who bit him and he told us. We told him that if anyone ever bit him, he needed to tell his teacher. This week, Seth did the biting. I think he did it out of frustration. In fact, he told me that the child he bit hurt his feelings. We had another talk and he is aware now of the consequences he will receive if he does bite again. "I not bite anymore."

Today was a better day, no biting children, but he did eat glue.....

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