Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Prayers Going Up

We are continuing to pray for sweet Jonah's healing and for Matt and Patrice's strength. Possibilities are being tossed around about Jonah going home soon due to risk of infection in the hospital. We will be praying for this transition and for everything to go smoothly, but in the mean time, we pray that tomorrow will bring good things--no infection, a painless dressing change, some sweet coos. We pray that Jonah continues to fight hard.

Another young mother, MckMama, is in the hospital tonight with her son Stellan. I began reading MckMama's blog this summer--I think Patrice had actually begun praying for her while she (MckMama) was pregnant. After I began reading her blog, I began to pray for her--not only because she had 3 children already under the age of 4, but she was pregnant with number 4 and this baby had a life-threatening heart condition. At 20 weeks, MckMama and her husband were told their baby would surely die. But, Stellan was born healthy, or so everyone thought. Tonight he is in a hospital with the same condition he suffered in the womb. He is a fighter as is his mama. Please add them to your prayer list, and click on the Pray for Stellan button up above to find out the latest update.

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