Thursday, January 14, 2010

Getting Our Moneys Worth at the Pediatrician's Office

This is the story of a little boy who had pink eye. His name is Seth. His daddy took him to the doctor one morning because his eye was very red and had stuff oozing from it. The doctor said, "Definitely pink eye." In the meantime, the doctor decides to check Seth all over to make sure there is nothing else going on (throat, ears, etc.). He looks in one of Seth's ears and sees a dislodged ear tube (he remembers this from Seth's well-child visit in December). The doctor asks Rob to help him get the tube out of Seth's ear by holding Seth down for him to extract the tube. He is successful.

Seth's dislodged waxy (ewww!) eartube (at right) in comparison to an earring (please note the earring was not in his ear, it is just for scale purposes)

The doctor then looks in Seth's other ear and discovers a treasure! Not a ball of wax, a sprout, or a dinosaur, but a purple bead! He again asks Rob to assist him in holding Seth down so that he is able to extract the purple bead. Again he is successful.

Apparently the bead reached Seth's ear unknowingly (yeah right) but after some inquiry, it was discovered that some crafts were done in his preschool class right before New Years involving beads. What can be learned from this story? Supervision is absolutely necessary when 3 and 4 year olds are playing with beads. Also, one can see from his bead color choice that Seth Bright is truly a ECU Pirate fan! Arggghhhh!!!

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