Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Twins!

On March 13, we traveled to Deadwood in Bear Grass, NC to celebrate  our nieces' 9th birthdays.

The twins wanted Super Mario Brothers as their party theme.  Who would have thought that a video game character from over 15 years ago would be a party theme option today?
Mama Jane got the twins coordinating shirts for the occasion.
The guests of honor, Carson and Caitlyn--I can't believe they are already 9 years old!

What a pretty cake...the lady who fixed the cake has done so for the twins for the past 9 years--she says that the cake is her gift to them!
Seth got to play a classic video game--Ms. Pac-Man!
Present Time!
Carson on the train....I have not been to Deadwood since they have added the train and the roller's a regular amusement park complete with miniature golf and of course the restaurant.
Seth and me on the train

Rob and Seth on the roller coaster--this was a pretty good ride for Martin County, I have to say.  It was really jerky and it was not the calmest roller coaster I have ridden.  Seth LOVED it...he had already ridden with me before he rode with Rob, and he would have gone again if he had not used most of his tickets!
 Caitlyn playing putt-putt--the golf course has been at Deadwood since it opened...and it is quite a challenging little course.  Deadwood is a great place to have a birthday party--good food, fun, and fellowship!

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