Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rain Dance

We are t minus 9 days without rain.  You may say that is not too bad, but when the temperatures are in the upper 90s and the low 100s it is bad.  In fact, it is sweltering!  We recently returned from our annual family vacation to the beach and found that our grass looked as if it had been burned.  Luckily we have wonderful neighbors who looked after our vegetables and plants.  Otherwise, I think our whole yard would be a dry, putrid, brown color.  So we are doing a rain dance, along with a lot of people here on the east coast.  We have a 30% chance of rain today and a 50% chance tomorrow.  As I sit here typing, I see approaching cloud cover and the radar says pop-up thunderstorms are forecast for this afternoon.  I pray that these thunderstorms hold a lot of rain that can quench our suffering yards and crops.
Beach trip summary and pictures to come soon!

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