Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Time for a New Post....

Ughhh.....I think apologizing for not posting is a little late at this point, but I do have a few days off away from school, so I will use it to my advantage.  Here lately, my weekends have often felt like work--not that they are any different from anyone else's, but we have been busy with things

And other things, like birthday parties....Rob celebrated 40 years in October and it seems like we have had many birthday parties to attend on recent weekends--especially Seth's friends.

Here is another good one of Rob's 40th along with his appropriate gifts--denture cleanser, prune juice, senior vitamins and a notebook to remind him where he parked his car--courtesy of Joe!

And we had Trunk or Treat at church the Wednesday before Halloween.  We as a family decided to be the Cat in the Hat (Rob), Thing 1 (Seth) and Thing 2 (me).
This is really A LOT more thrown together than it and white felt with black puffy paint can do a whole lot for a costume!

 And then we had Halloween, where we went over to the Jetts' annual Halloween get together.  They have a great neighborhood for trick-or-treating (ours is pretty good, too) because so many people decorate their houses and yards.

My pregnancy is going well, and I do have some more ultrasound photos to post, although I have not scanned them in yet--maybe I can add that to my list for Friday!  :-)  We are having a little girl, for those of you who don't know.  Seth is excited as are we.  It seems a little tougher this time to get into new baby mode.  There is a lot to be done and I continue to put it off, and BOOM here we are at 21 weeks.  I keep telling myself things will fall into place, and I know they will with the help of friends, family, and especially GRANDPARENTS!  I continue to be tired, but nothing like I was.  As long as I continue to move, I do pretty well.  It's the sitting still that gets me. 
We did have a family photo done a few weeks ago that we plan on using for our Christmas card this year.  This actually accomplished 2 things--the Christmas card and a family picture before the baby comes.  Some childhood friends of mine did the picture shoot and they do a great job--Sister Snaps Photography .  Here is one of our favorite shots:

Rob and I recently celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary.  We shipped Seth off to my parents' for the weekend and went to Raleigh for the day to enjoy ourselves--Christmas shopping, Carrabbas', Aunt Anne's cinnamon sugar pretzels, decaf pumpkin spice latte (me) and hot chocolate (Rob).   It was a nice, although tiring, day! 

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