Friday, December 10, 2010

Our Manger Scene....a Child's Perception

We recently decorated our house on the inside for Christmas....we haven't gotten all of the outside done due to the frigid temperature and not being home.  As Seth gets older each year, his interest peaks in the decorations, recognizing symbols and characters associated with the Christmas tradition.  This year, he has shown a lot of interest in our manger scene.  We have had to caution him about "playing" with the manger scene because he thinks the figures are like his plastic animals and action figures.  The other night after he went to bed, I found this....

Yes, that is a lion and a squishy frog visiting Baby Jesus.  The lion has been put back in the toy box but the frog continues to visit daily.  I decided to take a picture of this because I figured it would make for a great memory down the road and who knows?  Maybe a great Christmas card picture.... Merry Christmas to you!

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Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

My favorite post of yours, ever! Love.