Friday, November 14, 2008


I received a call from Seth's daycare yesterday saying that he had hit his head and he was throwing up. It seemed like it took me an hour and a half to get back to Greenville. Rob picked Seth up and met me at the doctor. In the time between picking Seth up and getting him to the doctor's office, Seth threw up 6 times. He threw up once in the doctor's office. They sent us to the ER, because there was no knot, or bump visible on Seth's head. They even suggested that maybe he had a headache and a stomach virus, since he did not know what a headache was.

Note: No one at the daycare saw him fall, he did not cry out--he went up and told his teacher that he hit his head and then he laid down and threw up.

Does he look hurt or sick to you?

So we journey over to the emergency room. Upon arrival, I am checking us in and Seth throws up again. This is 8 times that he has gotten sick in a time span of about 2.5 hours. I think they sense the urgency of the situation at the ER and they whisk us back to triage. We get put in a room and we see a great team of doctors. They really know how to deal with toddlers. Meanwhile, Seth is not acting like he is hurt or sick at all. He is sitting on the bed, playing with his Leap Pad, messing with his sticker book, playing with his cars. The doctors order a CT scan. We head down the hall to get that done and are not successful because Seth will not lay still. SURPRISE, I know! So, the doctors come in and explain to us that they will have to put him into a strait-jacket kind of thing to restrain him while they do the CT scan. We have no problem with this--all we want is peace of mind at this point.

So, we try again. Seth looks like he is a wreck victim on a board with a neck brace. They even have to tape his head down. All the while, he is telling us he wants to get up. Rob and I were able to stay in there with him during the CT scan and his main doctor was awesome--telling Seth he was riding in a space ship. Seth did cry some, but in the end he was a champion and we heaped much praise on him when it was over. His doctor made him a SPACEMAN SETH sticker and he wore it like a badge of honor. He even wanted to wear it today! The CT Scan was normal. We were happy to get this news but we are still mystified as to what happened. The doctor said that he could have hit his head and it caused him to throw up like he did or he could have had a headache and it was a virus.

Seth has had a stomach virus before and he doesn't sit around and play with his Leap Pad or mess with his sticker book. He sits in Mommy's or Daddy's lap and seeks comfort. He wasn't doing that in that hospital room! I think he did hit his head and that is what caused the nausea. We appreciate all of the good treatment and the help we received at PCMH. Moreover, we are so grateful for the outcome.

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Karen_thrifty said...

Wow! What a crazy day. I'm glad he's ok!!!!!