Monday, August 17, 2009

38 Special

I told you it would be sooner than later....

I had to return to school today for the new school year, and it was tough to go back, but working to get over the hump of getting back into the routine will make it easier. What made it harder though was the fact that it was my birthday.

I got many birthday wishes today at school, but a real special birthday wish was given to me this morning by this guy:

I think this year was the first year that he has said "Happy Birthday Mommy" and actually knew what it meant. He is just growing too fast! We enjoyed supper tonight with our church Young Adult group at RuckerJohns.

Can you tell yet that I don't want to do any school work?


Katherine said...

Happy birthday (a few days late)! Hope school is going as well for you as it is for us here.

Shannon said...

You start school early! wow.
We don't go back until the 31st.

I sub teach part time, so it isn't that bad, but I am still not looking forward to it.


brightleigh said...

Thanks, Katherine--kids come tomorrow--gotta get some sleep.