Monday, August 3, 2009

Rehearsal Dinner and Reception

A couple of weeks ago, we journeyed to Raleigh to help celebrate this union:

Here are some scenes for their rehearsal dinner, which was held at the University Club.

The wedding took place on Saturday, and of course my camera was acting crazy due to Seth grabbing it out of my hand at the rehearsal dinner and it falling on the floor. I was able to manage to get a few shots at the reception.

Gabriel and Seth

This was the first wedding that Seth has ever attended, so we did not know how it would go. He did okay in the church, only dropping his cars once and asking where Aunt Neck was. When we got to the reception, it was hard to keep him entertained until we began to have dinner. When the music started, there were no worries about keeping him entertained.

We discovered that Seth was quite the party animal at the reception. After doing the Train conga line, a guy with a beer came up to him to give him a high five. I don't know where he gets it from!

Congratulations and best wishes to Jeffrey and Erin!


Lauren said...

thanks! i'm going to try and figure out how to do dividers between the posts later on this week. i've been reading up on some design blogs on creating headers and changing templates. neat stuff!

Katherine said...

What a beautiful cake! I love the robin's egg blue. Looks like the whole thing was a lot of fun!

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