Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pulling on the Reins

Aaaaahhhhhhh!!! Can I say it again? Aaaaaahhhhhhh! Christmas break is here! Maybe now I can have a weekend that doesn't seem like work (or at least a few weekdays)!

We missed our first opportunity for snow recently. It never fails. By the time the moisture gets here, it has warmed up, so we get very cold rain. I guess I shouldn't be too depressed, at least I can get in my car and go where I want, unlike my cousins in Virginia, who have 17 inches of snow in their yard. Oh well, winter is just beginning tomorrow, so maybe we will have a few more chances for snow.

We had the Bright family Christmas this past weekend. Rob's sister and her family were here from South Carolina and we had a Christmas breakfast and gifts over at his parents' on Saturday. Pictures to come! On Saturday night, we joined my mother-in-law's entire family for their annual Christmas get together. Needless to say, we were exhausted last night. Sunday was very low key for us--catching up on laundry, a trip to the grocery store, watching football and basketball.

For the next two weeks, I do plan on pulling the reins back. I want to take a couple of naps, visit some friends, see a few movies, spend time with loved ones. I want it to be like a vacation, but I know I will have to WORK at doing that.

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