Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Online Class

I am presently taking my first online class.  It is a Web 2.0 class that is supposed to be helpful with learning about web tools such as blogs (woohoo), wikis, photo sharing, and other tricks to use in a school setting.  They have given us a lot of links to explore so far and I have found a few tricks that I want to try with my blog, so  be looking for those soon!  An online class is tricky in that you must discipline yourself to check the site regularly and make sure your assignments and tasks are in at the precise time.  It is very interesting and although it is right much work, I embrace the fact that I can sit on the couch with my PJs on and "attend class."    

I am a wuss and I know it.  I am not going to attempt the South Beach Diet right now.  I feel that it is quite restrictive, and although it is the "quick" way to drop some pounds, I don't want to shock my system so much.  I am talking to a few people about doing Weight Watchers, so I will see how that goes.  As always, any insight is appreciated as I begin  this journey.


Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Um, a blog reader informed me today that Chick-fil-A sauce is FOUR POINTS on Weight Watchers. OH SNAP.

Angel said...

I'm all for jammies in school.

brightleigh said...

Katherine, don't spoil my fun...I did eat at Chick-Fil-A last night--had a grilled chicken sandwich with sauce...I will hopefully see you in a week!

Angel, that's what I am doing tomorrow. :-)