Monday, June 30, 2008

Back from the Beach

We returned yesterday from our family beach vacation. We had a blast. It is always interesting to see what is going on in other family members' lives. It was very neat looking at things through Seth's eyes. With his recent interest in Finding Nemo, he enjoyed communicating with the seagulls as he fed them, saying, "Mine, mine, mine..." This year the ocean was the ocean, not the muck-muck like last year. We had many luxuries at the beach cottage this year--a new one to us--the first new one in 9 years. We had a pool, a hot tub, and a media room with a movie screen. These were all wonderful amenities. The house was also on the 2nd row--not beachfront--and we had do use a public access to get to the beach, which was not a big deal. The views of the sound and the ocean were phenomenal. We usually spent time at the shore in the morning and tackled the pool in the afternoon. Seth had his "fish suit" which helped somewhat with his buoyancy and by the end of the week, he was holding on to the side of the pool and following it by himself. He did go under a few times, but it did not bother him much at all. I think we will be looking at swim school for him next year. We enjoyed playing progressive rummy as always--Papa Sr. should be so proud--Brent A. even got in on the action this year even though we only played a few hands. We will let you brave the entirety next year Brent A. As always, it is wonderful to go on vacation but it is nice to return home to your own bed.

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