Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Smoky Summer Nights?

Air quality here is very poor right now. Rob called this afternoon and wanted to know if it was smoky in Snow Hill. I had not been outside but it did not look smoky--just hazy from the heat. I left school today at 4:00 and it was beginning to get smoky and it definitely smelled smoky. The closer I got to Greenville, the denser the smoke got. I had to hurry and get home because we keep a couple of windows cracked and we did not want the smoke seeping in. Here are some pictures down our street from about 4:45 this afternoon.

You may know that this smoke is coming from the wildfire in Hyde, Tyrell, and Washington counties that was started by lightning. It looks like a foggy morning. It is really bad when smoke enters the weather forecast. Looks like we will have to be getting out Seth' s albuterol.


Katie said...

Everything smells like smoke. My hair, my clothes, my house... ugh. I will be happy when the wind shifts. Oh, and I posted some pictures for you. :)

Patrice said...

It was even smokey in Greensboro one day last week. We came out of school and it was hazy and smelly. IN GREENSBORO! I couldn't believe it. I thought of you guys and thought about how crappy it must be. I hope things are better now and that Seth's asthma is okay.