Saturday, June 7, 2008

Summer Is Here...

Wow, where did spring go? The sweltering heat has moved in with an agenda all its own. I can't remember when it was this hot this early on into the summer months. I really feel for anyone who has to work outside in this kind of weather. To help with the heat, here is a cool feeling picture.

School is almost done. Rob and I recently attended the 8th grade social at my school. It is the 8th grade equivalent to the prom. We had a good time, but we could really tell our age because we did not recognize much of the music that was played. A good friend of mine did the decorating and I was able to help her some this year. It looked really good for middle school--very elegant. The theme was "An Enchanted Evening."

One of Seth's favorite things to do lately is to "ride" in Daddy's car. Rob will put him in the Prizm and lets him turn the steering wheel and play with the radio while the car is sitting still. He loves it--I think he likes the idea of being in the car and being able to explore it without being restricted to a car seat.

With the summer quickly approaching, I decided to change the template of our blog to make it look more "beachy." Let me know what you think!

I am looking forward to our annual family beach trip in a few weeks--I am sure it will be more than therapeutic.


Lauren said...

i like the beach theme--makes me wish we were there (with slightly cooler temps!) hope you all enjoy your annual week at the beach coming up!

Patrice said...

I love the new look! Matt and I are going to the beach the week of July 4th for his family's big trip. 12 kids under the age of 7... a little insane, but lots of fun. We miss you!