Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Answering Machine

I have found a few minutes to do another Works for Me Wednesday. My answering machine is a wonderful thing. I work in a middle school library and teachers are asking me for things all of the time. I usually have some of these things at home, like old magazines, and I will forget to bring them for teachers to use. So, I call my answering machine at home to remind myself. Sometimes, I will remember that I need to send an email to someone when I am traveling to and from work. So that I won't forget it, I will just call and remind myself on my answering machine. This really does work for me! For other interesting ideas that really work stop by Rocks in My Dryer !


Karen said...

This is a great idea. I call and leave myself a voicemail at work when I'm at home or commuting, when I remember something I was supposed to have done or if I think of something that I want to check on. That way I can put it out of my thought and don't waste my family time constantly reminding myself of something I need to remember the next morning!

Anonymous said...

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