Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Watch Out for Those Old Lady Names Part II

WELL! I must say that the Atlantic Ocean has really hit the jackpot with tropical entities lately. Right now, a whole family of storms is having some kind of reunion out there. And here we sit in Eastern NC, sticking out like someone's nose on their face, teasing any storm that would approach the southeastern coast. Tropical Storm Hanna (as she is presently) is forecast to come through our state late Friday/early Saturday. According to reports, she will be a hurricane when she decides to visit NC. Hanna is an old lady name. It is a Biblical name that has become very popular with today's parents. It was, in fact, one of my choices if we had a girl. I still like the name Hanna. It is still an old lady name. I about dropped my teeth when I saw what the 'J' name was--Josephine! I could see disaster written all over that one--it ranks right up there with Bertha and Hazel! So, NC could be the target of three storms. IKE is out there in the middle of Hanna and Josephine. We are trying our best to get prepared--I bought more Pull-Ups tonight as well as some paper plates, cups, and bowls (hey, you never know when our water supply might be compromised!). I will try and visit the grocery store tomorrow before panic sets in. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Then a friend (Thanks Leigh C.!) sent me this:

Yes ma'am, those are some hurricane shoes--high heel flippers, if you will. I don't think I will run right out and grab me a pair of these, but I thought, you know someone will, to be different... I guess it is always good to find humor in all situations even if they could be potentially disasterous.

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Karen_thrifty said...

Funny, someone sent me the same picture this week. It doesn't take emails long to make their way around.

Thankfully, we didn't not suffer any damage from the hurricane. We just had a lot of fallen limbs from the pecan trees.