Friday, April 17, 2009

Answered But Continued Prayer

Rob and I recently visited the Williams family to welcome home Baby Jonah. We were unable to be there for his first homecoming, but we made it for his second (Jonah had been in the hospital due to some breathing issues and had a scope done.). Jonah is such a sweet baby and he has come so far from first being born. Our visit was awesome, and we learned a little bit about Matt, Patrice, and Jonah's routine. Jonah's eating schedule is pretty much like any new baby's. He sleeps a lot and he begins to stir when he gets hungry. He is eating pretty good according to Patrice.

We also got to witness Jonah's nightly dressing change first hand, and as Patrice explained on her blog, A LOT goes into that.

Jonah behaved very well for his dressing change and seemed very content once it was over and he got his bottle. It was quite an education for Rob and me; and Matt, Patrice, and Debbie (Matt's Mom) were happy to answer our questions. On a future blog posting, I want to break down all of the dressings that they use and the financial part it, which is quite expensive. We enjoyed spending time with Matt, Patrice, and Jonah but of course our time was too short. We are planning another visit for the summer in which maybe we can take Seth.

Please continue to pray for this family. Send them a card or an email if you get a chance. Kind, thoughtful words are very uplifting to them and they are so grateful for the thoughts and prayers.

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