Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Tribute to Gabe

Today is Gabe's Day. This blog entry is a tribute to Gabe and his family. I have included a poem from the book, Letters to Heaven by Thena Smith and Lynne Carey. Patrice came across this poem shortly after Gabe's passing and she feels God is speaking to her and Matt through it. We love you Matt, Patrice, and Jonah. We love you and we miss you, Gabe.


Just a few days ago
We could not understand
That this would not be a joyful day
Of holding our new baby’s hand.
All of the preparation
And joyous days of waiting
For Gabriel to join us
Were supposed to end with celebrating.
Our special little angel
Was to be our pride and joy
Our precious gift from Heaven
Our darling little boy.
But that was not to be
And too quickly he was gone
Lifted up to Heaven
To hear the angels’ songs.
We know where our darling is
And we will get through this sorrow somehow
For as for our Gabriel’s tiny hands –
Jesus holds them now.

from Letters to Heaven
By Thena Smith, Lynne Carey

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