Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Elvis?

We got this bilingual toy drum out of the attic (from toy rotation) this past weekend and you would have thought Seth had a brand new toy. We have been working on counting in Spanish and French with Seth and this drum counts in English and Spanish. I don't think Seth was as taken with the counting as he was with the music. My child has a soft spot for Mariachi music. What can I say? Patrice, I know you are so proud. He broke into some crazy dancing as seen in the above video--I don't know where he gets his dancing skills, but he has got some rhythm.


The Faucette's said...

LOVE IT! Sure he didn't get that rhythm from you? Ha! Glad you guys had a great Easter.

Katie said...

BTW... now that we have an attic, we are SO stealing toy rotation from you. Ingenious.