Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What I Have Been Reading....

I have been able to read some this are some titles I have recently completed.

The Shack by William Young

I recently picked this book back up after abandoning it about 3 months ago.  Yes, my students--you read that right, Mrs. Bright ABANDONED a book.  I did go back to it though and that is very important.  This book got a little weird about midway, but it mixes tragedy and faith in a very interesting story.  Many people are blown away by this book, but me not so much.  I feel that I am pretty strong in my faith and that may be the reason why.  It still is an interesting read and it puts a different spin on the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews

A Washington lobbyist caught in a political scam tries to escape the public eye by journeying to small town Georgia to "fix-up" a house that was left to her father.  Dempsey Killebrew learns how to restore this house while at the same time trying to avoid the FBI, learning how to live in a small town after living in metropolitan DC, and juggling the southern hospitality suitors seem to throw her way.  Mary Kay Andrews does not disappoint with this selection and this is a great read if you are a fan of southern really left me wanting more!

Two Little Girls in Blue by Mary Higgins Clark

I must be honest and tell you that I have not read a Mary Higgins Clark book in a long time.  I went through a period several years ago when I could not get enough of them and then I got tired of them because they became so predictable.  Mary Higgins Clark is a wonderful mystery writer, but I guess when that is all you read, you get burned out on it.  I selected this title out of our professional book room at school.  It is one of her more recent titles and I thought it was a good read.  I saw that it was about twin girls, so I thought I could make a connection since I have twin nieces.  In this book, the three year old twins have just celebrated their 3rd birthday.  Their parents have gone on a date and the twins' baby sitter is drugged by an intruder who kidnaps the twins.    The kidnappers demand a ransom and the twins' father's company comes through with it.  The initial plan is for both girls to be left in a locked car to be rescued.  One of the kidnappers does not go along with the plan and only one twin is returned to her parents.  I do have to say that Mary Higgins Clark has not lost the magnetism that she uses to keep you reading.  I went through this book in about 3 days.  It did help that the chapters were short.  This would be a great beach book or a good quick read.

I am working on The House on the Gulf right now by Margaret Peterson Haddix (a young adult title from my school library), and I plan on beginning The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks in the next week or so.  What book suggestions do you have?

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Patrice said...

i'm reading The Help right now, and so far, I LOVE it. A very easy read, but I've only just started.

brightleigh said...

Patrice, my aunt was reading The Help at the beach and she said it was great. I may have to look into that next.