Monday, July 26, 2010

New Normal

As I begin this post, let me just say that many folks will probably think I am looney to continue to write about my cats.  These cats have been with us for a long time and they are part of our family.  Maybe not as important as Seth, but still important.  

It has been interesting getting used to Roxie not being here with us.  Every night when we get ready to go to bed, she has always been lying on our bed, waiting for us.  Rob said the other night that he misses her being on his clothes.  It never failed that if Rob had a shirt on the bed that Roxie was lying on it.  I think it was her way of being that much closer to us.  

Doodle and Jack are missing Roxie as well.  Jack has been around us a lot more than he usually is and he and Doodle are actually getting along.  Doodle has always had issues with Jack from the time he came to live with us.  Roxie was kind of like the mediator--she got along with Doodle and she got along with Jack.  
Seth has asked about Roxie a few times.  He is still quite young to understand that she is buried in the back yard.  He keeps asking if she is coming back.  We tell him that she has gone to kitty heaven and that she is not hurting anymore.  That seems to appease him for that moment but I think that he still misses her.
It is so odd to get up in the morning and not get a request from Roxie to go outside on the porch.  She loved to sit on the couch out there to watch the birds and just enjoy being outside.  Whenever we got ready to go to work, we almost had to fuss at her to get her to come back into the house! 
We are adjusting (although it is NOT easy) and I am very thankful for the memories we have with our pets.  Hug yours today!

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*hugs* Leigh. :(