Saturday, July 26, 2008

Adventures in Triple Couponing at Harris Teeter

First of all, I don't usually grocery shop at Harris Teeter. I think it is a beautiful store, but I think and know they mark stuff up. I don't begrudge people who shop there--it has a tremendous selection of items! With it being a weekend of tripling coupons 99 cents and under, I figured I could find some good deals even at Harris Teeter. It did not disappoint.

I got all this stuff for $18.08. I know it does not look like a lot, but cleaning supplies are expensive. I saved $31.72 with coupons. I could have gotten more stuff, but my coupon stash is relatively new and I had already taken advantage of other deals elsewhere. Plus, Harris Teeter only allows you to use 20 coupons per transaction.

This couponing business is beneficial, but it is also hard work. I find it to be a challenge and I enjoy researching the deals knowing that the hard work will pay off, literally. It is also great to look at my receipt and know that I saved way more than I spent!


Katie said...

Let me know when there is going to be a doubling or tripiling for coupons. I'm trying to use them more and can't ever figure out when and where will do that.

Lauren said...

kroger always doubles coupons up to 55 cents, i think.

the hippo comment was funny! it was a trip seeing that cow on the way to farmville. i was just hoping he'd still be there when i was coming back home so i could take a picture!