Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The CVS Game

In my efforts to save money, I have invested some time in playing the CVS game this week. According to the pros who do this every week, it wasn't a very good week to earn ECB (Extra Care Bucks) and get deals at CVS. I studied their sales paper carefully and wrote down what I had to buy in order to get the best deals and get the Extra Care bucks. Here is my scenario:

Total spent on items above today: $79.15
Actual price of items above: $144.70
Amount I saved today with coupons, ECBs, & sales: $66.55
ECBs I received today: $18.98

In actuality today, I only spent $59.17 because I got $18.98 back in ECBs to spend on my next shopping trip. My goal is to do better next time. Presently, I am well stocked on some staple items for the next several months. This does work--you have to be willing to try new things and not be scared to buy generic items.

On another note, I spent a grand total of $0.54 on 23 two pocket folders and 200 pencils today at Staples. I am very proud of that deal!

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