Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Seth's First Trip to the Dentist

We did not build this trip up because Seth has been watching Finding Nemo and we didn't want him to associate the dentist on there with his dentist. In retrospect, I don't think it would have made any difference. Upon arriving, all these children were exiting the examination area with balloons. We took this to be a good sign because Seth loves balloons. We began to talk to him about the man who was going to "count" his teeth and then he could get a balloon. Our appointment was towards the end of the day, and we were one of the last patients to be seen. When they called Seth back, they took his picture; and of course he was a moving target. His main objective was to find out where the balloons were. We were led to an examination table--not a chair. Two dental hygienists greeted us and I SERIOUSLY asked, "Where are the straps?" They looked at me kind of funny--I knew Seth was not going to lie on this table and be still. Rob in the meantime was reminding Seth that he had to EARN his balloon by letting them count his teeth. The hygienists told me with smiles on their faces that they don't use the straps until the 2nd appointment. I was being serious. Seth lays on the table ready to earn his balloon. The dentist, Dr. Casey comes over and Seth proceeds to tell him he wants a balloon. Dr. Casey takes one of the rubber gloves and blows it up which Seth does not like. So, Seth is laying down and I take a leg and Rob takes a leg and Dr. Casey proceeds to count Seth's teeth. Seth screams the whole time, cries, and tries to thrash about. I have not heard him cry like this since we started making him "cry it out" when he was learning to sleep by himself. We assure him that everything will be alright. The dentist is not hurting him, but Seth doesn't know that he is not trying to. Dr. Casey tells us what we knew was coming--we have to get rid of the pacifier--ASAP. He says Seth's teeth look good, but we need to wean him off the pacifier. After Seth's teeth are cleaned and fluoride has been applied, Seth gets his balloon and whimpers a lot. I told Rob that I know why they put our appointment at the end of the day, but Dr. Casey and the hygienists assure me that this behavior is normal and they have seen much worse. I am just glad we don't have to go through that again for a while.

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