Thursday, July 3, 2008

Baby Borrowers

Did anyone catch Baby Borrowers last night on NBC? I think it was on at 9 p.m., so it was on during the same time as Supernanny :-( . Not good, but thank goodness for DVR. Anyways, the premise of Baby Borrowers is these couples give their baby up for 3 days to a couple of young people (all older than 18). These young couples have been interviewed prior to receiving these babies and many of them have said, "We are ready for children," "We feel we are ready for the next step in our relationship, and that is having a baby," "I want to have children while I am young." This task at hand is the newest form of birth control going. One member of the younger couples is responsible for going and working all day while the other stays home with the baby. If they are able to achieve this, they earn $100.00. It was a hoot to see the person come home from their job and the person staying home with the baby expected a break from the person who had come home from his/her job. Then, when the baby cried out at 3 a.m., the young couples would argue over who was going to get up with the baby. One girl got sick and decided that she could not take care of the baby so all the responsibility fell on her boyfriend's shoulders. All the while, the real parents are watching these things unfold on hidden cameras and at times they have to intervene. At the end of the show, the real parents go to retrieve their children and provide an evaluation to the young people. It is a real eye-opener for these young people--some of them are very self-centered and realize that they are not where they thought they were in their lives. They realize that they can't stop parenting if the baby gets sick and that they cannot always control what the baby does. I think this can be a good show--it was a bit humorous when one of the guys had to change a dirty diaper and he about gagged. I sat there and nodded my head a lot through it. In the upcoming weeks, young couples will have to care for toddlers, tweens, and teenagers. It should be very interesting.

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